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On this page You can find descriptions of some of our services with prices. If you can't find the Ruhnu adventure you want, feel free to contact us and we'll help fulfill all your dreams if possible.

Part of the profit from the services goes to support the island's cultural NGO-s, so the more you enjoy life in Ruhnu, the more you support Ruhnu's culture and activities!

For more detailed inquiries, send us the size of your group, dates , services and all other necessary information on the bottom of the page.


A picnic basket allows you to spend a peaceful day at the beach with your family, wander on the meadows while watching birds, or to enjoy unique sunset moments with your loved one in the evening. It includes a blanket for sitting on the ground, cutlery and local seasonal flavors. Prepare for Ruhnu siesta period early – it's the time to enjoy the island!

Real good. Really Ruhnu.

We offer the island guest the opportunity to order a picnic basket from us for a sunny beach day or evening sunset romance. The picnic basket is made in Planet Ruhnu's organic kitchen and uses local ingredients. All tableware is reusable and environmentally friendly. Of course, drinks and napkins and a small bite of sweets are also packed.

Price: 15€/person

P.S. Inform the kitchen about allergies and special requests in advance.


Get to know the local life by booking a guided tour in the Ruhnu village. The small museum of Ruhnu, the Korsi farm complex and two churches will be visited. The Korsi farm is the last surviving traditional Swedish dwelling with its unique crouched roof and its auxiliary buildings. The oldest wooden building in the Baltic States - the old wooden church in Ruhnu was built in 1644. This small and dim, tar-smelling house of worship has been a favorite sight of visitors to Ruhnu for over a hundred years. Only three steps away from the old church is the new church of Ruhnu, built in 1912, with a beautiful iron stone wall.

Guide Ruth Keskpaik talks about the island, the history of the Swedish people, the living conditions during the Soviet era and modern thoughts evolving now. Since the guide is also the manager of the Ruhnu Museum, she can share various stories, memories and news about the island from his years of experience. Walk with Ruth and say hello to everyone – Ruhnu people are the friendliest people in the world!

Duration: 2h
Difficulty: 2/5
Min. group: 6 people
Price: 15€/person (free under 7 y.)
P.S. Additional cost: museum and church tickets. For a smaller group, the price is negotiable.


Ruhnu is an island for cycling! The roads of tiny island are the most comfortable to travel on a bicycle and will offer the best overview of the diversity of nature. From the main attractions of the island to the most secret places with interesting stories are visited on the bike ride. The pace and distances allow everybody to participate in the Ruhnu bike tour.

The bike tour leaders are local young people - Iti and Raian, who can show You the most exciting secret places, the beauty of local nature, and take you to places that cannot be reached by car or on foot. Take a picnic basket with you on the bike tour, as there will be a short break in the middle of the ride to stretch your legs and have a meal. Bicycle rental is included in the price of the bike tour.

With your own bicycle -20% discount. Spend time in the fresh air and gather unforgettable experiences on a paradise island with a bicycle ride.

Duration: 2h
Difficulty: 3/5
Min. group: 6 people
Price: 25€/person


The most environmentally friendly and healthy way to explore the entire Ruhnu island in one day is to take a nature walk with a local guide. Locals Iti and his companion Raian take you on a hiking adventure through trails that cannot be seen ifrom cars or on a bicycle. The island is full of natural wonders, and you can only get the best overview of them on foot.

Take a drinking bottle and picnic equipment with you, as there will be a few smaller rest stops with a wonderful view during the hike, where you can enjoy nature and the moment. The difficulty level of the hike is passable for all healthy people, and the hikers also adjust the trajectory a bit according to the group.

Duration: 3-4h
Difficulty: 4/5
Min. group: 6 people
Price: 25€/person


A true fishing enthusiast explores the sea with professional fishermen! We offer the opportunity to spend one afternoon and, if desired, one early morning on a boat with a local fisherman, when he lets in the gillnets or goes to claim them. Learn Ruhnu's fishing tricks and listen to stories of legendary catches. If you wish, you can also participate in cleaning and sorting of the nets.

In case of rainy weather, we also help with a jacket, and in any weather we offer a life jacket, but also clothes according to the weather conditions, because the sea is always windier and water splashes can also occur!

The main fish we catch in Ruhn are whitefish, flounder, round mullet, trout, manatee, salmon, baltic herring and cuttlefish. But the greatest desire is always to catch Ruhnu whitefish, which is probably the most delicious fish in the world. Later you can enjoy the same fresh harvest at a local cafe, so be early!

Let us know if you would like to try out flyfishing or casting for trout, go angling in the sea with a larger group, try to cast nets in the water in waders or even go fishing alone in a boat. We can always find ways.

Duration: 2-3h
Difficulty: 2/5
Min. group: 1 person
Price: 25€/person
P.S. We fish all year round and the fishing method and fish are different from season to season, so ask for more detailed information.


Ruhnu Kultuuriruum (Ruhnu Cultural Space) shows the Ruhnu Historical Films program in the Ruhnu Cultural Center for guests of the island. The income from the filmprogram will support the NGO's activities on the culture of Ruhnu island.

The program consists of four films:
- Theodor Lutsu's film "Ruhno", made in 1931 (customs of the Ruhno Swedes, national costumes, village picture during the first Republic of Estonia).
- Tallinnfilm Ringvaade Ruhnu, made in 1990 (picture of Ruhnu village, people and future perspectives during the collapse of the Soviet Union and the establishment of the Republic of Estonia).
- Latvian animation "The bear is coming!" ("Lācis Nāc!") Based on the materials of the Ruhnu bear, completed in 2008 (Latvians laugh at the people of Ruhnu and the bear that ran amok in Ruhnu).
- Ülo Pikkov's "Reunion" is a story about being a person on Ruhnu island, losing your home and finding it again, a story about making peace with your past. The animated film was completed in 2021 and is made from recycled objects found on the island.

The films are introduced and (if necessary) commented by locals Iti and his companion Raian.

Duration: 1h
Min. Group: 10 people
Price: 5€ /person

P.S. Check the schedule of the program on Ruhnu Kultuuriruum social media or webpage.


The Ruhnu Beach Cleanup is a special experience - an unforgettable experience that allows participants to do a good deed for the environment of the pearl of the Livonian Gulf and taste the delicacies of the local cuisine. Come and ask the Planet Ruhnu team and you will be guided to a secret beach where you can spend a special beach day. When you return later, every child who shows a reasonable amount of trash found on the beach will receive a free handmade ice cream as a prize!

Real good. Really Ruhnu.

Planet Ruhnu wants to offer exclusive island experiences that intertwine the harmony of man and nature of the small island of the Unesco Biosphere Reserve with the art, the excitement, pleasure and entertainment. Ruhnu beach is an important layer of our existence, come and be a part of the meditation offered by cleaning the beach and allow children to enjoy handmade ice cream made from the pure nature of Ruhnu.

To get Your free ice cream, visit the Planet Ruhnu cafe:

Tue-Sat 8:00-10:00 ja 18:00-23:00 or Sun 8:00-10:00

Price: FREE /children

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